The ACT Gambling and Racing Commission (the Commission) is an independent body established under section 5 of the
Gambling and Racing Control Act 1999 External Link Icon.  The Act provides for the continued administration of certain Acts relating to gambling and racing and establishes the powers, functions and activities of the Commission.

The Functions of The Commission include:

  • regulating the activities of the casino, gaming machines, lotteries, racing, betting and interactive gambling;
  • approving gaming and racing activities;
  • monitoring and researching the social effects of gambling and of problem gambling;
  • reviewing legislation and policies relating to gaming and racing and making recommendations to the Minister on those matters;
  • providing education and counselling services;
  • investigating and conducting inquiries into issues and activities of persons in relation to gaming and racing related matters;
  • monitoring, researching and funding activities relating to gaming and racing;
  • engaging in community consultation, as appropriate; and
  • collecting taxes, fees and charges imposed or authorised by or under gaming laws.

A copy of the Commission's Strategic Plan 2014-18 is available here (.pdf 498KB).