Gaming Machines

Gaming Machine Application Forms and Fees Fees

Application for a Class C Licence (PDF 130KB) Word Version (59KB)

Application for a Class C Authorisation Certificate (PDF 64KB) Word Version (47KB) $1118
Application for a Class B Licence and Authorisation Certificate (PDF 146KB) Word Version (61KB) $1219
Application for a Minor Licence Amendment (PDF 63KB) Word Version (46KB) $76
Application for an Authorisation Certificate Amendment (PDF 63KB) Word Version (48KB)

Gaming area amendment


Premises Relocation Amendment – New Suburb


Premises Relocation Amendment – Same Suburb


Increase Maximum Amendment $1016
Notification - One-off Increase Maximum Amendment (PDF 66KB) Word Version (48KB) $305
Notification - Sale of Class B Authorisations to a Class C licensee (PDF 82KB) Word Version (54KB)  
Notification - Authorisation Certificate Amendment – Technical Amendment – Gaming Machine Replacement or Conversion (PDF 152KB) Word Version (50KB) $37 per machine
Notification - Transfer of an Authorisation Certificate (PDF 67KB) Word Version (48KB) $508
Application for Replacement of Licence, Authorisation Certificate or Authorisation Schedule (PDF 65KB) Word Version (47KB) $75
Application for an In-principle Approval for an Authorisation Certificate (PDF 101KB) Word Version (48KB) $1118
Application to Transfer an In-principle Authorisation Certificate (PDF 73KB) Word Version (50KB) $508
Application to Extend an In-principle Authorisation Certificate (PDF 63KB) Word Version (46KB) $224
Application to Convert an In-principle Authorisation Certificate (PDF 64KB) Word Version(47KB) $1118
Notification - Acquisition of Authorisations and Gaming Machines (PDF 161KB) Word Version(51KB)

For an Authorisation for a gaming machine (including gaming machines if traded)

$122 for four of less

For a gaming machine

$37 per machine
Notification - Surrender of Licence, Authorisation Certificate or Authorisations (PDF 74KB) Word Version (50KB)  
Application for Disposal of Gaming Machines (PDF 78KB) Word Version (53KB) $37 per machine
Notification - Disposal of Gaming Machines (PDF 82KB) Word Version (50KB) $37 per machine
Application for Approval of a Storage Permit (PDF 119KB) Word Version (48KB)


Application for Extension of Storage Permit $102
Notification - Quarantine Permit Request or Quarantine Permit Extension Request (PDF 133KB) Word Version (47KB) $102
Notification – Proposed Removal of a Gaming Machine from General Storage (PDF 112KB) Word Version (46KB) $102
Computer Cabinet Access Register (PDF 367KB)  
Gaming Machine Installation Certificate – Conversions and Replacements (PDF43KB) RTF Version (640KB)  
Authorisation Installation Certificate – With or Without Gaming Machines (PDF 39KB) RTF Version (614KB)  

Gaming Machine Tax
Monthly Gaming Machine Return - Hotel/Tavern (PDF 151KB) Word Version (40KB)
Monthly Gaming Machine Return – Club (PDF 152KB) RTF Version (676KB)

Link Jackpot Arrangements Fees
 Application for Approval of a Linked Jackpot Arrangement  $146
Application for Multi-user Permit to Operate a Linked Jackpot Arrangement $2956
Application for Transfer of a Multi-user Permit for a Linked Jackpot Arrangement $722
Application for Amendment to a Multi-user Permit for a Linked Jackpot Arrangement $743
Application for Approval of an Arrangement for the Redistribution of an Undisbursed Jackpot (PDF 116KB) Word Version (57KB)  

Technician Certificates Fees
Application for an Approved Technician Certificate (PDF 118KB)
Issue of a Replacement Copy of a Technician's identity card or certificate
Application for Renewal of an Approved Technician Certificate (PDF 98KB) $146
Application to Transfer/Amend Approved Technician Certificate (PDF 258KB) $59

Manufacturers Fees
Application for Approval of Gaming Machines and Peripheral Equipment (PDF 66KB) Word Version (49KB) $447
Application for Approval as a Supplier (PDF 139KB) Word Version (57KB)  
Individual $295
Corporation $722
Issue of a replacement copy of an Approved Supplier's Certificate $75
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