The Commission is committed to consultation and engagement with stakeholders including the ACT community. Consultation provides information and education, and finds alternative viewpoints and information. It is a key component of the effective regulation of gambling and racing on behalf of the ACT community.

The Commission has established three consultative groups to engage with specific stakeholder groups on various issues, as detailed below.

Gambling Industry Consultative Committee

The Gambling Industry Consultative Committee (GICC) provides an opportunity for the exchange of information and views between the Commission and the gaming and wagering industries on regulatory matters that fall within the scope of the Commission’s role and functions. It facilitates the flow of information amongst members to ultimately assists Commission members in their deliberations, but does not have decision-making powers.

The GICC includes representatives from ACT gaming licensees, industry stakeholders and ACT Government as follows:

  • ACT Gambling and Racing Commissions, Board members (Chair);
  • ACT Gambling and Racing Commission, Chief Executive Officer;
  • Economic Development, Legislation, Gaming and Racing Policy Unit;
  • ClubsACT;
  • Casino Canberra;
  • Tabcorp;
  • Australian Hotels Association – ACT Branch;
  • Canberra Labor Club Group;
  • Raiders Group;
  • Vikings Group;
  • ACT Rugby Union Club; and
  • Canberra Tradesmen’s Union Club.

Gambling Advisory Reference Group

The Gambling Advisory Reference Group (GARG) is an advisory body from which the Commission seeks advice and opinions from a range of organisations in the ACT. This assists the Commission to address and minimise the harmful aspects of gambling and problem gambling. The GARG also facilitates the Commission’s work with community service providers, gamblers and the wider community, providing advice on effective provision of service, community needs, and core and emerging issues related to gambling harm.

The membership of GARG consists of representatives from the following organisations:

  • ACT Gambling and Racing Commission, Board member (Chair);
  • ACT Gambling and Racing Commission, Chief Executive Officer;
  • ACT Churches Council;
  • ACT Council of Social Services;
  • Canberra Multicultural Community Forum Incorporated;
  • Council of Ageing;
  • Relationships Australia Canberra and Region;
  • Care Inc; and
  • Office of Multicultural, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Affairs.

Problem Gambling Assistance Fund Advisory Committee

The Problem Gambling Assistance Fund (PGAF) Advisory Committee provides advice to the Commission on possible projects under the Problem Gambling Assistant Fund. The PGAF was established in July 2011 under the Gaming Machine Act 2004. Expenditure from the Fund is for the purpose of assisting to alleviate problem gambling or the disadvantages that may arise from problem gambling and for providing or ascertaining information about problem gambling.

Revenue for the PGAF is sourced from a 0.6 per cent levy on gaming machine licensees’ Gross Gaming Machine Revenue and contributions on a voluntary basis from Tabcorp and Casino Canberra.

The PGAF Advisory Committee includes representatives from ACT gambling providers, the community sector and ACT Government as follows:

  • ACT Gambling and Racing Commission, Chief Executive Officer (Chair);
  • ACT Council of Social Services;
  • ClubsACT;
  • Casino Canberra;
  • Tabcorp; and
  • Community Development Services Directorate.
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