Gambling Harm

Race betting – don't play it down this spring carnival

Decorative Did you know that nearly one million Australians gambled on horse or dog racing each month during 2015*, making it the fourth most popular gambling activity?

So this spring carnival season, keep an eye out for your mates and recognise the signs of gambling harm.

People experiencing harm from gambling might show signs of stress, have trouble paying bills or become withdrawn socially.

Gambling harm  can impact a person's health, finances, relationships and work. It can also mean someone is spending more time or money than they can afford to on gambling activities, and less time with family or friends.

If you or someone you know is experiencing gambling harm, don't play it down, free and confidential help is available at contact us page.

*For more information about race betting in Australia visit:

Gambling Harm

Gambling harm is about more than just losing money. It is any negative consequence, caused by gambling or made worse by gambling.

These negative effects could damage the health or wellbeing of an individual, their family or their community.

Here you can find out more about gambling harm and support options.