Gambling Harm Prevention and Mitigation Fund

The Gambling Harm Prevention and Mitigation Fund supports projects, events, and research for the purpose of alleviating gambling harm or the disadvantages that arise from gambling harm, and for providing or ascertaining information about gambling harm.

This includes a broad range of activities and programs such as funding of support services, gambling harm awareness training programs for club industry and community sector workers, gambling research contracts, and gambling harm awareness campaigns and events.

Revenue for the Fund is sourced from a 0.75 per cent levy on gaming machine licensees’ Gross Gaming Machine Revenue and contributions on a voluntary basis from Tabcorp and Casino Canberra Limited.

Expenditure from the Fund is overseen by the Gambling and Racing Commission.

The Commission receives advice on expenditure from Gambling and Racing Commission Advisory Committee on proposed projects that fall within the scope of the Fund for consideration and decision by the Commission.

In making decisions on projects under the Fund, the Commission’s Board, having considered the recommendations of the Advisory Committee, ensure that approved expenditure is consistent with the purpose of the Fund, and supports the Commission’s goal of reducing gambling harm in the ACT.

Access to funding is open to any organisation wishing to undertake a gambling harm related activity, such as research projects, public awareness campaigns, or support programs, subject to the approval of the Commission.

If you wish to propose a project, event, or activity for the Gambling Harm Prevention and Mitigation Fund, please contact the Commission.

ACT Gambling & Racing Commission
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GPO Box 158
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