Gambling Harm

Gambling Harm Awareness Week 21-27 October 2019

Let’s reduce gambling harm in our community 2019

With around 15,000 Canberrans having experienced harm from their gambling, the ACT community are being urged to know the signs of gambling harm as part of Gambling Harm Awareness Week.

Gambling harm can impact many aspects of our lives including loss of money, relationships, work, study and social life as well as mental health, physical health and self-esteem.

So, this year, during Gambling Harm Awareness Week, the ACT community are being encouraged to work together to address the often hidden and highly stigmatised topic of gambling harm.

Gambling Harm Awareness Week provides an opportunity for us to talk openly about what gambling harm is, its impact, what can be done to prevent it, and how to support those affected by it.

The most obvious sign of gambling harm is financial loss, but people can experience harm in many ways. Often, harm from gambling might not be noticed at first, but can have a significant impact on the individual as well as friends and family. We encourage everyone to be aware of the signs of gambling harm and the impact that it can have on the whole community.

Strategy for gambling harm prevention in the ACT – a public health approach, 2019-2024

The prevention and reduction of gambling harm are core objectives of the Gambling and Racing Commission. Providing effective gambling harm prevention initiatives in the ACT is pivotal and underpins the Commission’s roles and functions.

This Strategy has evolved from years of academic research and widespread support for a public health approach to reducing gambling related harm. It also provides a roadmap for the Commission to work towards achieving our vision of a Canberra free from gambling harm.

Strategy for gambling harm prevention(449 KB)

Strategy for gambling harm prevention overview(228 KB)

Gambling Harm

Gambling harm is about more than just losing money. It is any negative consequence, caused by gambling or made worse by gambling.

These negative effects could damage the health or wellbeing of an individual, their family or their community.

Here you can find out more about gambling harm and support options.