Gambling Harm Awareness Week

19-25 October 2020

Managing your online gambling

Online gambling is growing in popularity and availability.

In the ACT, a recent survey showed that one in five adults had gambled online in the last year. As in other states and territories, online gambling has been increasing in the ACT over recent years – the number of people gambling online has more than doubled over five years.

If you find yourself spending more time and money betting online than you usually would, there is a range of options to help you manage your activities.

Contact your online betting provider to request that they:

Opt-out of marketing messages, such as special offers and other inducements, by turning off phone notifications in the gambling apps/websites you use and in your phone and browser settings.

Block gambling transactions on your credit and/or debit cards and seek assistance from your bank or financial institution if you experience hardship.

Do your homework before opening an online betting account. Block overseas websites and apps, which do not abide by the consumer protection regulations that apply in Australia. Or, if you’ve already opened an account, try to close it, block payments, and install ad blockers to stop ads and pop-ups, as well as geo-filters that block international gambling sites.

If you need assistance with any of these options or think you might benefit from talking to someone about your gambling, there are many ways to get information and help. The ACT Gambling Support Service is free and confidential.  Assistance is available online 24/7, Gambling help online. You can also call the National Gambling Helpline 24/7 on 1800 858 858.

We thank the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation for information incorporated into this webpage.