The Commission regulates and licences the operations of the casino within the ACT in accordance with the Casino Control Act 2006, the Casino Control Regulation 2006 and the Gambling and Racing Control (Code of Practice) Regulation 2002.

Casino Regulation

The Commission's principal objectives for casino regulation and control are to ensure that:

  • all casino operations are conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Casino Control Act 2006, the Casino Control Regulation 2006 and the Gambling and Racing Control (Code of Practice) Regulation 2002;
  • the community has confidence that the Territory’s casino is a legitimate and safe place to visit;
  • the casino is free from criminal influence;
  • appropriate harm minimisation strategies in relation to gambling harm have been implemented;
  • gaming activity is conducted fairly and in accordance with approved rules and operating procedures;
  • casino administration, finance and security operations are conducted in accordance with the approved control procedures; and
  • casino equipment, cards and chips are of a high standard and are only purchased from approved suppliers.

A key means of ensuring the integrity of the operations at the casino is through the closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system which provides the casino licensee and the Commission with high quality coverage of gaming operations and sensitive back-of-house locations.

Casino Licence

On 23 December 2014, pursuant to section 22 of the Casino Control Act 2006, Aquis Canberra Pty Ltd was issued with a licence by the ACT Government to operate a Casino at 21 Binara Street, Civic.

This Licence is issued subject to licence conditions and is the only licensed casino in the ACT.

Casino Employee Licences

Pursuant to Section 41 of the Casino Control Act 2006 a person must have a licence to work at the casino. The licensing of persons employed in relation to gaming, security, finance and other key areas of the casino ensures that these people are eligible in accordance with the provisions of the Casino Control Act 2006. Employees in low risk areas of the casino (e.g. food and beverage and cleaning) are not required to be licensed.

The issuing of a casino employee licence serves both the ACT Government and public interest in helping to ensure that only honest and trustworthy people of good character are employed within the casino industry. The checks carried out by the Commission as well as the Australian Federal Police, other casino regulatory bodies (where applicable) and financial institutions confirm the integrity of staff issued with a licence.

Types of Licences

A Short Term Casino Employee Licence may be issued with an initial application. This licence is valid for a maximum period of 6 months and may not be renewed. Pending the results of all the required character checks a Full Casino Employee Licence may then be issued by the Commission.

This licence is valid for three years from the issue date of any short-term licence and needs to be renewed every three years.

Licence Conditions

The Commission may place conditions on an employee licence restricting the activities that may be undertaken or how an individual undertakes them. An individual must comply with any conditions or their licence may be suspended or cancelled.

How do I apply for a Casino Employee Licence?

To be eligible to apply for a Casino Employee Licence you must be employed, or have been offered employment by Casino Canberra.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, be permitted to work in Australia and have no disqualifying grounds. Disqualifying grounds are as described under the Act and include if in the past 5 years you:

  • have been convicted or found guilty of an offence involving fraud or dishonesty, against a law about gaming, or punishable by imprisonment of 1 year;
  • are or were an undischarged bankrupt or had executed a personal insolvency agreement; or
  • were involved in the management of a corporation when it became the subject of a winding-up order or a controller or administrator was appointed.

The casino Canberra will book an appointment with the Australian Federal Police for you to have your fingerprints taken and provide you with a Casino Employee Licence Application. You must fill out this form honestly, accurately and completely.

You will be required to provide the following (certified copies of legal documents)* with your application:

  • full Birth Certificate* (an extract will not be accepted);
  • current Passport* (if held);
  • Driver’s Licence (if held) or one other substantial form of identification*;
  • Marriage Certificate/ Name change documentation (if applicable);
  • if you were born overseas, your Australian Citizenship, Permanent Residency Certificate or valid Visa permitting you to live or work in Australia*;
  • a recent Personal Credit Report*;
  • four identical recent passport sized colour photographs;
  • fingerprints obtained from the Australian Federal Police; and
  • the determined application fee.

Personal Credit Report

With your application you are required to provide a recent, original or certified copy of your Personal Credit Report. This may be obtained from a Credit Information Provider FREE of charge. Two such providers are Veda and Dunn and Bradstreet. A report will take approximately 10 days.

How do I renew my Casino Employee license?

You will be required to provide the following (*certified copies of legal documents) with your complete application form:

  • if you are working under a visa, you must advise if your arrangement has changed since your previous application;
  • a recent Personal Credit Report (dated within 1 month of application date)*;
  • four identical recent passport sized colour photographs;
  • fingerprints obtained from the Australian Federal Police (dated within 1 month of application date); and
  • the determined application fee.

Further information in regards to Casino Employee Licence Applications can be made by contacting ACT Gambling and Commission on 02 6207 2343 or email

What do I do if I have changed my address?

If you have changed your address please notify your employer and complete the Change of Address Form.

Once you have completed the form please send it back to your employer or the form can also be emailed to

Rules of Games

All new games and amendments to current games must be approved by the Commission. The approval of the rules of the games by the Commission ensures that the casino games are fair and that the rate of return to players is reasonable.

The rules are available for perusal at the casino or via the ACT Legislation Register.

Review of Patron Exclusion Notice

A casino official may exclude a person from entering or remaining in the casino by giving the person an exclusion notice orally or in writing. A person may appeal in writing to the Commission against the casino licensee’s decision to give the person an exclusion notice.

After considering submissions from the person and the casino licensee, the Commission must confirm, change or revoke the exclusion notice.

Casino (Electronic Gaming) Act 2017

Commencing on 13 May 2018, the Casino (Electronic Gaming) Act 2017 allows for operation of Gaming Machines within the Casino including Fully Automated Table Games (FATGs).

The casino licensee may apply to the commission for an authorisation certificate to operate casino gaming machines at the casino. As part of this application the casino licensee must state the maximum number of authorisations for casino gaming machines intended to be held by the licensee.

The application must be accompanied by a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) which is a written assessment of the likely economic and social impact of the operation of casino gaming machines or FATGs under the proposed authorisation certificate.

Fees and Charges

See the full list of Casino related fees and charges