Gaming Machines

Gaming Machine Application Forms and FeesFees
Application for a Class C Licence (PDF 130KB) Word Version (59KB) $1,214
Application for a Class C Authorisation Certificate (PDF 64KB) Word Version (47KB) $1,214
Application for a Class B Licence and Authorisation Certificate (PDF 146KB) Word Version (61KB) $1,324
Application for an Authorisation Certificate Amendment (PDF 63KB) Word Version (48KB)
Gaming area amendment $331
Premises Relocation Amendment – New Suburb $1,214
Premises Relocation Amendment – Same Suburb $331
Increase Maximum Amendment $1,103
Notification - Sale of Class B Authorisations to a Class C licensee (PDF 82KB) Word Version (54KB)  
Notification - Transfer of an Authorisation Certificate (PDF 67KB) Word Version (48KB) $551
Application for Replacement of Licence, Authorisation Certificate or Authorisation Schedule (PDF 65KB) Word Version (47KB) $79
Application for an In-principle Approval for an Authorisation Certificate (PDF 101KB) Word Version (48KB) $1,214
Application to Transfer an In-principle Authorisation Certificate (PDF 73KB) Word Version (50KB) $551
Application to Extend an In-principle Authorisation Certificate (PDF 63KB) Word Version (46KB) $242
Application to Convert an In-principle Authorisation Certificate (PDF 64KB) Word Version(47KB) $1,214
Notification - Acquisition of Authorisations and Gaming Machines (PDF 161KB) Word Version(51KB)
For an Authorisation for a gaming machine (including gaming machines if traded) $131 for four of less
For a gaming machine $38 per machine
Notification of the requirement to amend or issue a storage permit and, if required, issue a storage permit for an interim purpose for gaming machines $496
Notification - Surrender of Licence, Authorisation Certificate or Authorisations (PDF 74KB) Word Version (50KB)  
Inspection of gaming machines held under a storage permit $331
Notification - Disposal of Gaming Machines (PDF 82KB) Word Version (50KB) $38 per machine
Application for Approval of a Storage Permit (PDF 119KB) Word Version (48KB) $331
Application for Extension of Storage Permit $110
Application for Approval of an Arrangement for the Redistribution of an Undisbursed Jackpot - SMARTFORM 15 Dec 16 ( NO FEE) (PDF 83KB) Word Version 
Notification – Proposed Removal of a Gaming Machine from General Storage (PDF 112KB) Word Version (46KB) $110
Computer Cabinet Access Register (PDF 367KB)  

Gaming Machine Tax
Monthly Gaming Machine Return - Hotel/Tarvern (PDF 139 KB) RTF Version (1MB)
Application to Claim a Gaming Machine Tax Rebate (PDF 475KB) Word Version (50KB)
Monthly Gaming Machine Return – Club (PDF 261KB) RTF Version (1MB)
Quarterly Gaming Machine Return – Club (PDF 81KB) Word Version (81KB)

Link Jackpot ArrangementsFees
Application for Approval of a Linked Jackpot Arrangement $156
Application for Multi-user Permit to Operate a Linked Jackpot Arrangement $3,213
Application for Transfer of a Multi-user Permit for a Linked Jackpot Arrangement $784
Application for Amendment to a Multi-user Permit for a Linked Jackpot Arrangement $806

Technician CertificatesFees
Application for an Approved Technician Certificate (PDF 465KB) $156
Issue of a Replacement Copy of a Technician's identity card or certificate $63
Application for Renewal of an Approved Technician Certificate (PDF 915KB) $156
Application to Transfer/Amend Approved Technician Certificate (PDF 289KB) $63

Application for Approval of Gaming Machines and Peripheral Equipment (PDF 66KB) Word Version (49KB) $484
Application for Approval as a Supplier (PDF 139KB) Word Version (57KB)  
Individual $319
Corporation $784
Issue of a replacement copy of an Approved Supplier's Certificate $80