Pathway to 4000 Gaming Machines

On 23 August 2018 the ACT Government tabled the Pathway to reduce the number of gaming machine authorisations in the ACT to 4,000 by 2020. This pathway was informed by the recommendations of the Club Industry Diversification Support Analysis, undertaken by Neville Stevens AO earlier this year.

A two-step approach will be taken to achieve this reduction; voluntary and compulsory surrender of gaming machine authorisations. Financial and non-financial incentives are available to clubs that voluntarily surrender authorisations.

For further information regarding the authorisation surrender process, please visit the Justice and Community Safety Directorate website.

Application process and forms:

Voluntary Surrender Notice and Application for Incentives form

Licensees must submit a Voluntary Surrender Notice and Application for Incentives form by 31 January 2019, advising of the authorisations and/or authorisation certificates the licensee wishes to surrender in order to access the incentives.

Forms should be emailed to Liquor, Racing and Gaming Policy in the Justice and Community Safety Directorate at

Late forms and forms that are not fully completed cannot be accepted.

Once this form has been processed, you will then receive the club’s Voluntary Surrender Agreement for signing. The Voluntary Surrender Agreement must then be signed by the licensee and by the Territory no later than 8 February 2019.

Install Certificate

On 14 February 2019 or earlier nominated voluntary surrender day, licensees are required to make any gaming machine associated with a surrendered authorisation inoperable (i.e. switch off and secure the machine so it cannot be played).

Within three working days, licensees must submit this form to the Gambling and Racing Commission, providing meter readings and confirming machines are inoperable.  Forms should be emailed to Liquor and Gaming Licensing at

Disposal Form

A gaming machine associated with a surrendered authorisation must be disposed of within three months of being switched off. A Notification – Disposal of Gaming Machines form should be emailed to the Gambling and Racing Commission at

This should be done as soon as possible once the Voluntary Surrender Agreement is in effect and the authorisations have been surrendered. Licensees must allow sufficient processing time for the disposal to take effect before the end of the three month period.

Financial incentives will not become available to the club until disposal of associated gaming machines has been confirmed.

Next Steps

When the authorisations have been surrendered and Access Canberra has been advised of the disposal of any associated gaming machines, you must send an invoice for any agreed cash amount to A pro-forma invoice will be provided to licensees that are eligible for cash incentives.

The process for accessing any agreed offset amount is set out in the Voluntary Surrender Agreement.