Commission Members

Appointment of Commission Members

The Commission’s governing board consists of four non-executive members made up of the Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and two ordinary members. The Commission’s Chief Executive Officer is also a member of the governing board. Non-executive Board members’ appointments are approved by the Minister for Racing and Gaming. The Standing Committee on Public Accounts is consulted on all non-executive member appointments in accordance with section 228 (Consultation with appropriate Assembly Committee) of the Legislation Act 2001.

The term of appointment for Commission members is three years. Members are eligible for re-appointment at the expiration of that term. The Chief Executive remains as a member for the duration of his/her term of office.


Chairperson: Mr Paul Baxter
Deputy Chairperson: Ms Alice Tay
Members: Ms Carmel Franklin
Carl Buik
Chief Executive: Mr David Snowden

The Gambling and Racing Control Act 1999 prescribes that of the four non-executive members of the Commission “one must have knowledge, experience or qualifications related to providing counselling services to problem gamblers”. The appointment of Ms Franklin has ensured compliance with this criterion.

Members’ Responsibilities

Under section 56 of the Financial Management Act (FMA) the Board is responsible, under the Minister, for the efficient and effective financial management of the authority. Section 77 of the FMA provides that a governing board has the following functions:

The Commission conducts formal meetings on a monthly basis where comprehensive briefing papers and recommendations regarding significant issues are prepared and presented to the Board by Commission staff.

Summary CV's for Commission Members

Paul Baxter (Chairperson)

Paul Baxter

Paul Baxter is a semi retired professional business consultant who until mid 2011 was the ‘public face’ of the ACT’s electricity and water pricing regulator, the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission, having been the inaugural Commissioner of that agency for nearly 16 years.

This role in the ACT partly overlapped with his nearly 25 years as a Director and Partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers, 16 years as a member of the Independent Audit Group of the Murray Darling Basin Commission, 5 years as the Associate Commissioner of the PNG Independent Consumer and Competition Commission, eight years as an Associate Commissioner of the ACCC, Chair of the National Water Accounting Standards Development Committee, and Chair of Anglicare Canberra/Goulburn.

In these various roles, Paul has been an adviser to Territory, State and Federal Governments and government agencies across Australia, an adviser to governments throughout the Asia Pacific region including China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Thailand, Fiji, Solomon Islands, and PNG, and an adviser and consultant to many of the larger domestic and international companies and businesses operating in this region.

In his various roles he has undertaken and chaired a wide range of public inquiries across economic and social issues, covering inter alia matters such as utility pricing and service provision, public transport reviews including road, rail, shipping and air transport, national and regional economic development strategic planning, water allocation and conservation strategies, trade practices and competitive behaviour reviews, sport, recreation and tourism inquiries, and social welfare and associated services reviews.

Mr Baxter maintains an involvement in economic and regulatory policy issues in PNG as an adviser to various government agencies, continues some private client work on economic regulation issues in Australia, and has an active involvement in not-for-profit activities in Canberra and the surrounding region.

Alice Tay (Deputy Chairperson)

Alice Tay

Ms Tay (LLB) is a partner with legal firm Meyer Vandenberg and leads their Corporate Advisory and Commercial Division. Ms Tay specialises in Corporate and Commercial Law and Governance. She sits on the boards of the National Heart Foundation, Hands Across Canberra, The Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund and mental health start-up The Fly Program.

Carmel Franklin (Member)

Carmel Franklin

Ms Carmel Franklin adds to the Commission knowledge and experience related to providing counselling services to problem gamblers. Ms Franklin has been the CEO of Care Financial Counselling and Consumer Law Service since July 2008. She is a Consumer Director of the Financial Ombudsman Service, Chairperson of Financial Counselling Australia and a former Member of the Canberra Community Law Board. Ms Franklin has qualifications in Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Financial Counselling.

Carl Buik (Member)

Carl Buik

Mr Carl Buik brings to the Commission extensive experience in all aspects of consumer protection including business compliance programs, consumer education, agency capacity building and investigations.

Mr Buik enjoyed a long career with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Since 2002 he has undertaken a range of consultancies involving both consumer protection and competition law issues for national governments, international organisations and the private sector.

Mr Buik has qualifications in law (LLB, ANU Australia) and economics (B.Ec UNE Australia & Grad Dip Economic for Competition Law, KCL UK).

David Snowden (Chief Executive Officer & Member)

David Snowden image

Mr David Snowden is the Chief Operating Officer of Access Canberra and Chief Executive of the Gambling and Racing Commission. David has over 20 years of regulatory, enforcement and senior management experience across multiple Commonwealth, Territory and New Zealand public sector agencies, including Transport, Customs, Competition and Consumer Protection.

David also holds the statutory position of ACT Commissioner for Fair Trading.