Racing and Wagering

The Commission regulates and licences Racing, Wagering and Online Gambling activities within the ACT in accordance with the Race and Sports Bookmaking Act 2001, the Totalisator Act 2014, the Racing Act 1999, the Interactive Gambling Act 1998, the Pool Betting Act 1964 and their respective regulations as well as the Gambling and Racing Control (Code of Practice) Regulation 2002.

Racing and Wagering Regulation

The Commission licenses and regulates the activities of race and sports bookmakers pursuant to the provisions of the Race and Sports Bookmaking Act 2001.

Bookmaker licences are issued strictly in accordance with the suitability requirements of the relevant legislation, following close scrutiny and analysis of information provided by the applicants and other law enforcement agencies together with the results of associated investigations. Similarly, proposed amendments to the rules governing the conduct and operations of sports bookmakers are rigorously assessed for consistency with relevant legislative requirements prior to approval by the Commission.

The Commission has statutory responsibilities associated with the resolution of betting disputes. The Commission also provides secretariat and administrative support for the Racing Appeals Tribunal, an independent authority established under the Racing Act 1999 to hear and determine appeals from persons aggrieved by decisions of controlling bodies responsible for the conduct of racing.

Race Bookmaking Licence

An Application for a Race Bookmaking Licence must be submitted on an approved application form and accompanied by the determined fee.

In applying for a race bookmaker's licence, the applicant must submit to a police records check by the Australian Federal Police and identify all convictions, particularly those relating to fraud, dishonesty or other serious offences.

Race bookmaking licenses are issued for a period of not more than three years. A licensed ACT race bookmaker may field at the Canberra Racing Club thoroughbred meetings, Canberra Harness Racing Club meetings subject to club rules and regulations.

Race Bookmaking Agent Licence

In cases where a race bookmaker requires an agent to stand in their stead, for a meeting or a number of meetings, a race bookmaker must submit to the Commission an Application for a Race Bookmaking Licence (PDF 147KB).

A Race Bookmakers Agents licence must meet all the criteria mentioned above of that of a Race Bookmaker. .

Race Bookmaking Quarterly Tax Return

Race Bookmakers are required to lodge a Quarterly Tax Return (Excel 29KB) with the Commission by the 28th day of the month following the expiry of the payment period. The payment period for race bookmakers is a period of 3 months ending on 31 March, 30 June, 30 September or 31 December.

Racing Appeals Tribunal

The Racing Appeals Tribunal is established by Part 5 of the Racing Act 1999. The Tribunal is an independent body responsible for hearing and determining appeals from persons aggrieved by a decision of a controlling body or another organisation conducting a race meeting being held for the purpose of betting in the ACT. The functions of the Tribunal are contained in section 39 of the Act.

The current members of the Tribunal are:

  • Mr John Kalokerinos (President)
  • Mr Andrew Satsia (Deputy President)
  • Ms Noor Blumer
  • Mr Paul Barrett
  • Ms Kay Barralet

Racing Appeals Tribunal Procedures and Guidelines (PDF 168KB)

Notice of Appeal form (PDF 168KB)

Orders of the ACT Racing Appeal Tribunal - Joseph and Jones - August 2019 (DOC 31KB)

Sports Bookmakers Licence

An Application for a Sports Bookmaking Licence (PDF 599KB) must be submitted on an approved application form and accompanied by the determined fee.

Sports Bookmakers Agent Licence

In cases where a sports bookmaker requires an agent to stand in their stead, an Application for Sports Bookmakers Agent Licence (PDF 139KB) must be submitted to the Commission.

Sports Bookmaker Monthly Tax Return

Sports Bookmakers are required to lodge a Monthly Tax Return (Excel 74KB) with the Commission by the 28th day of the following month to which the return relates. For example, a return for the month of May must be submitted by the 28th of June.

Rules of Sports Bookmaking

Sports Bookmaking Events

The Commission on request approves the types of events that an ACT licenced sports bookmaker can offer to its customers.

A full list of approved events can be found at

Betting Disputes

Specific legislative provisions apply to disputes in relation to the underpayment or non-payment of winnings for bets made with a licensed Sports Bookmaker.

A person who claims not to have been paid, or to have been underpaid, for a bet made with a sports bookmaker may refer the betting dispute to the Commission. The dispute is to be referred to the Commission within 28 days of the completion of the event on which the bet was made.

On referral of a betting dispute to the Commission, the Commission must give a written direction about the dispute as soon as practicable. A copy of the dispute form is available from the following link, Betting Dispute form (DOC 65KB).

Totalisator Licence

The Commission regulates the operation of the totalisator under the Totalisator Act 2014 to ensure that the betting systems and activities are conducted in accordance with the legislative requirements including the relevant harm minimisation aspects.

The Commission ensures that the totalisator system and equipment are approved and that the rules are approved and complied with.

The Commission conducts regular and random audits of totalisator activity and ensures that Government revenue is correctly paid in a timely manner.

Advice, as required, is provided to the Minister on the suitability of the totalisator licensee including any prospective change in ownership.

On 14 October 2014, pursuant to section 7 of the Totalisator Act 2014, Tabcorp ACT Pty Ltd was issued with an exclusive licence by the ACT Government.

Forms and Fees

A full list of racing and wagering fees can be found under the Forms and Fees menu or the ACT Legislation Register.