The ACT Gambling and Racing Commission

is an independent body established under section 5 of the Gambling and Racing Control Act 1999. The Act provides for the continued administration of certain Acts relating to gambling and racing and establishes the powers, functions and activities of the Commission.

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Latest News

National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering


On 24 August 2018 the ACT formally became a signatory to the National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering. The ACT will begin implementing the agreed consumer protection measures over the next 18 months. More information on the framework and the consumer protection measures is available from the Commonwealth Department of Social Services.

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GRC and AUSTRAC partnership


The GRC and AUSTRAC have signed an MoU to better support the identification of gambling crime.

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Gambling reforms deliver community benefits


The ACT Government has passed legislation that will reduce gambling harm in our community.

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ACT Gambling Counselling & Support Service

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