The Commission is committed to consultation and engagement with stakeholders and has established the Gambling and Racing Commission Advisory Committee as detailed below.

Gambling and Racing Commission Advisory Committee

The Gambling and Racing Commission Advisory Committee (GRCAC) represents a broad section of the ACT community, providing views, opinions and recommendations to support the GRC. There is a particular emphasis on gambling harm prevention and minimisation, including recommendations and oversight of projects, programs and research funded by the Problem Gambling Assistance Fund (PGAF).

The GRCAC also provides an avenue for the GRC to liaise with the ACT community and stakeholders. This includes the gambling and racing industry, health and counselling service providers, ACT Government Directorates, academia, not-for-profit sector and other organisations involved in gambling harm prevention and minimisation.

The GRCAC core group has members from the following organisations:

Other organisations or individuals may be invited to participate in GRCAC discussions as required.