A permit is not required for an “exempt” lottery. Exempt lotteries include:

  • a Trade Promotion Lottery where the total prize value does not exceed $3000;
  • a Raffle where the total prize value does not exceed $2,500;
  • a Housie session where the total prize value of each session does not exceed $1,000;
  • a Calcutta event where the total prize value does not exceed $1,000;
  • a lottery where “prizes” or rewards consist totally of the granting of rebates, discounts or other allowances in respect of amounts payable, or the granting of refunds of amounts paid for goods sold or services performed in the course of carrying on that trade or business which are equally available to all customers; or
  • a lottery which comes within the definition of a private lottery as defined in the Lotteries Act 1964 (where participation is restricted to members of the same association or who work or reside in the same premises and where there is no external advertising of the promotion).

Lotteries that do not fit within these parameters require a permit before they can be advertised and operated in the ACT.

Lotteries that fit within these parameters do not require a permit to be conducted in the ACT, however they must conform to legislative requirements that are detailed in the Act.

Exempt Lotteries Information and Conditions (PDF 477KB)