Organisational Structure

The Commission’s operational structure as at 30 June 2017 is identified in the following Organisation Chart.

ACT Property Group organisation chart

The Deputy Director-General Access Canberra, is accountable to the ACT Public Service Head of Service, and the Minister for Regulatory Services. The Deputy Director-General is responsible for the administration and business of Access Canberra including any work that Access Canberra undertakes on behalf of the Commission.

The Director-General Justice and Community Safety, is accountable to the Attorney-General. The Director-General is responsible for broad gaming and racing policy on a whole-of-government basis. The Chief Executive of the Commission is also the Chief Operating Officer of Access Canberra and is a member of the governing board.


The Commission is divided into four sections, which are each lead by a Manager in the following groups

Coordination and Revenue

The Coordination and Revenue section is responsible for the following operations:

Gaming Regulation

The Gaming Regulation section is responsible for:

Policy Research

The Policy and Research section assists with the following function of the Commission:

Compliance & Investigations

The Compliance and Investigation Section assists the Commission undertake its function in relation to: