Organisational Structure

The Commission’s operational structure as at 30 June 2015 is identified in the following Organisation Chart.

The Deputy Director-General Access Canberra, Mr Dave Peffer, is accountable to the ACT Public Service Head of Services, Ms Kathy Leigh, and the Chief Minister, Mr Andrew Barr MLA. The Deputy Director-General is responsible for the administration and business of the Access Canberra of which the Commission form part of.

The Director-General Economic Development, Mr David Dawes, is accountable to the ACT Public Service Head of Service, Ms Kathy Leigh, and the Minister for Racing and Gaming, Ms Joy Burch MLA. The Deputy Director-General is responsible for broad gaming and racing policy on a whole-of-government basis.

The Commission’s governing board is responsible, to the Chief Minister through the Deputy Director-General Access Canberra, for the efficient and effective financial management of the Commission. The Board has the following role:

  1. setting the authority’s policies and strategies;
  2. governing the authority consistently with the authority’s establishing Act (Gambling and Racing Control Act 1999) and other relevant legislation;
  3. ensuring, as far as practicable, that the authority operates in a proper, effective and efficient way; and
  4. ensuring, as far as practicable, that the authority complies with applicable government policies.

The Board is also supported by the Commission’s Internal Audit and Risk Committee.

The Chief Executive is responsible for all decisions taken within, and for all actions subsequently taken by the Commission and is accountable to the Deputy Director-General Access Canberra. The Commission’s Chief Executive is a member of the governing board.

The Chief Executive is supported by four Section Managers.


The Commission is divided into four sections, which are each lead by a Manager in the following groups

Coordination and Revenue

The Coordination and Revenue section is responsible for the following operations:

  • effective office, human resource and financial management for the Commission;
  • responsible for the Commission’s governance arrangements;
  • collection of payments of taxes, levies and fees paid to the Government by licensees;
  • coordinates statutory reporting requirements; and
  • oversight of the internal audit function and secretariat to the Internal Audit and Risk Committee.

Gaming Regulation

The Gaming Regulation section is responsible for:

  • administration of operation gaming machines in the ACT; and
  • processing of lottery products and trade promotions.

Policy Research

The Policy and Research section assists with the following function of the Commission:

  • monitoring & researching the social effects of gambling;
  • funding activities related to gaming and racing;
  • reviewing relevant legislation and policy; and
  • managing the provision of education and counselling services.

Compliance & Investigations

The Compliance and Investigation Section assists the Commission undertake its function in relation to:

  • ensuring statutory compliance of gaming laws;
  • investigating complaints in relation to compliance with gaming laws;
  • promotion of consumer protection in relation to gambling;
  • minimising the possibility of criminal or unethical behaviour;
  • assist in reducing the risks and costs to the community and individuals associated with problem gambling;
  • ensure the suitability of persons engaged in gambling operations associated with the race and sports bookmaking industries;
  • ensure that bookmaking is conducted at appropriate venues in accordance with legislative requirements;
  • regulate racing activities as provided by the Racing Act 1999; and
  • providing secretariat support to the Racing Appeals Tribunal.
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