Card Jackpot Raffles

A Card Jackpot Raffle typically involves the use of a pack of 52 playing cards plus at least one joker. The cards are placed face down on a board. The winning subscriber to a raffle is given an opportunity to try to select the Joker from the board for a chance to win a prize. Should the selected card be the Joker, the prize is awarded and the game ends. Should the Joker not be selected the selected card is either discarded or returned to the board with the prize jackpotting and the game continued on another occasion.

A Card Jackpot Raffle may include variations of the above, including the awarding of other prizes in addition to the jackpot prize or the replacement of cards with another object.

Card Jackpot Raffles must be approved by the Commission before the lottery can be advertised or conducted in the ACT.

Card Jackpot Information and Conditions (PDF 167KB), Word Version (70KB).

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