Lucky Envelopes

A Lucky Envelope Raffle is conducted for the purpose of fundraising for non-for-profit or charitable organisations. The use of Lucky Envelopes to determine a lottery is restricted to lotteries where the maximum gross proceeds are less than or equal to $5,000.

Lucky envelopes usually contain a hidden symbol or symbols which can be exposed by removing or scratching a covering of paper. The combination of symbols revealed determines whether a ticket is a prize-winning ticket or not. They are sometimes known as "break-open tickets", "bingo tickets" or "pull-tabs".

Lucky Envelope Raffles must be approved by the Commission prior to conducting the raffle.

The use of a vending machine to dispense Lucky Envelope Raffle tickets must be approved by the Commission. Approval will only be forthcoming if the vending machine is proposed to be installed within a gaming area approved under a gaming law (such as within an area approved for the operation of gaming machines).

Electronic vending machines that distribute electronic Lucky Envelopes are not permitted to operate in the ACT.

Lucky Envelope Information and Conditions (PDF 194KB), Word Version (72KB).

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